SRC 7-23-17 DB Living Free Part 2

July 26, 2017

Do you feel like you're in bondage? Pastor Darlene teaches how to reprogram your mind so that you can walk in total freedom!

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SRC 7-23-17 DB Living Free

July 24, 2017

Are your thoughts keeping you defeated? Pastor Darlene teaches how we can train our thoughts and get the victory!!!!

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SRC 7-19-17 Jackie Midkiff My Situatuion Is Subject To Change

July 21, 2017

Are you fearing about your circumstances? Jackie Midkiff encourages us that God and His promises will never change.

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SRC 7-16-17 LB2 Walking With God

July 19, 2017

Have you been hurt before? Pastor Lawrence teaches how we can never be the victim again.

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SRC 7-16-17 DB Desire Accomplished

July 17, 2017

 Do you want to know if your desires will be fulfilled? Pastor Darlene teaches how to desire Godly things and accomplish

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SRC 7-12-17 DB The Power Of The Name

July 14, 2017

Is your name great? Pastor Darlene preaches about the greatest Name of All!

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SRC 7-9-17 DB The Millennium

July 12, 2017

Do you want to know what life will be like when the church rules and reigns? Pastor Darlene gives us details.

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SRC 7-9-17 LB2 It Wasn’t Done To You, But For You Part 2

July 10, 2017

Do you think your life is falling apart? Pastor Lawrence teaches that we can hold on for the greater work that God is doing in us.

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SRC 7-5-17 LB2 It Wasn’t Done To You But For You

July 7, 2017

Are you questioning why you are in a storm? Pastor Lawrence teaches that are storms are working for our good.

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SRC 7-2-17 LB2 Dead Horse Point

July 5, 2017

Have you turned a deaf ear to God, His Word, His warnings? Pastor Lawrence shows us the dangers of ignoring God's instructions.

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