SRC 4-26-17 LB2 Be Chilled With The Spirit Part 2

April 28, 2017

Pastor LBII continues to preach that saints do not have to live with stress, worry and pain. Anxiety, depression and fear are demonic and don't have anything to do with your circumstances.

Intruder - will come in through your weakest area.

Gain strength by praying in the Spirit. You can have joy in the roughest part of your life. Your friends are not the Holy Ghost in your life. Turn your stress into fervent prayer!

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SRC 4-23-17 DB The Power Of His Word

April 26, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that  God's word is like a powerful fire. Once we hear the Word of God it will demand that we make a choice to mature or ignore. The Word gives us faith.

Three stages of Faith:

  • Proclaim
  • Hear
  • Faith is developed by hearing

God guarantees his promises through his Word. If we keep the Word, God will keep us. Meditate on the Word day and night.

The Word will bring you:

  • Health
  • Light
  • Victory
  • Purifies

The Word is like a mirror and it reveals our filthy heart. Hide the Word in your heart.

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SRC 4-23-17 LB2 Be Chilled With The Spirit

April 24, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that God has given us the Holy Spirit as a comforter, so that we can be chilled in times of anxiety, worry and fear. The Holy Spirit will help us to remember those things that God has spoken in His word. Which is speaking louder in your life fear & worry or the word of God? We cannot cut corners on our spirit life's maintenance. Holy Spirit - Paraclete - Comforter, Monitor, Teacher, Instructor and Advocate. The beginning fear is the end of faith and the end of faith is the beginning of fear. Living a worry free life is a choice. No matter what your problem is God is greater. Don't let your emotions dictate your actions. Fear not. Be not afraid.

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SRC 4-19-17 DB Our Prescription for Peace

April 21, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that  God is our only hope for peace. God will speak to you through peace. We can have joy when we are givers. Things will not give you peace.

Peace must flow in three directions:

  • You must have peace with God. Upward
  • We must have peace within ourselves. Inward
  • We must have peace with brethren. Outward


We cannot have peace in separation or strife.

Peace with God -  Being Born again

Peace of God - Contentment

We have to forgive! Seek the kingdom first. Jesus is peace in the midst of a storm.

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SRC 4-16-17 DB It’s All About Love

April 19, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that in everything we should love. We are made in the image of God. God will not receive our gifts if we have an ought with our brother. If we cannot love those who we can see, we cannot live Him that we can't see. Love is who God is! Love wins every battle! Love is the most powerful force in all the world. Show love and don't hold a grudge.

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SRC 4-16-17 DB Why I Believe

April 17, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches and teaches why we believe that Jesus is our risen savior! We must be born again to see The Kingdom of God. God never comes next - He should always be first. John was the only of the original disciples that did not have a violent death. All of the other disciplines believed so strongly in Jesus that they were willing to die horrible deaths. We can believe because of the many signs and wonders that Jesus lived and died for us all!!!

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SRC 4-12-17 LB2 Get Fed, Be Led

April 14, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that our love for God will cause us to desire to be led and fed by Him. We should want to serve Him because we love Him, not out of obligation. We can be the reason that someone makes it to heaven. We should be bound in the Spirit. Don't allow any little thing to turn you away from God. What can separate you from your God! Don't get caught up in doing things that others can see, but be interested in being fed by God. Don't be afraid to take one step just because you can't see 10 steps ahead of you.

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SRC 4-9-17 DB Press

April 12, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that we must forget those things which are behind and press towards those things that are of God. Regret - remembering past sorrows. What is more important to you than God? When you have your eyes on Jesus, you will let go of everything that will distract you from Him. Things can't give you peace. We must know how to be content in whatever state you are in. We must press past all of the lies of the enemy. If you desire God no one will have to make you serve Him. Don't go back but keep moving ahead!

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SRC 4-9-17 DB Infallible Truths

April 10, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches and gives proof of Jesus life, death and resurrection. People believe many things about Jesus but they don't want to believe that he was resurrected. After Jesus' resurrection Peter preached hard for him, but wanted to be crucified upside down, because we felt he wasn't worthy to be crucified like Jesus. Andrew was crucified by being tied to the cross, so it would be worse and take longer. James, Bartholomew, Thomas and the other disciples faced horrible deaths for what they believed and preached. We no longer have to die for Him but we do have to live for him.

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SRC 4-5-17 DB God Fits Your Mistake Into His Plans

April 7, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that it doesn't matter what you have done or gone through, God can still fulfill His purpose in our lives. Acts 9:10-15. We are valuable! Satan is too skilled a pirate to attack an empty vessel. God qualifies us with what we have been through. Those are forgiven the most, loves most. God will use what the devil tried to destroy you with and make it a weapon to destroy his works! Never throw away your past! You can't redo it so use it!!! God saved you to be a blessing to someone else. God has a big eraser called the blood- that will erase all our mistakes.

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