SRC 2-19-17 DB Who’s John Harper

February 20, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches and shares the testimony of John Harper. She cries out and pleads that we travail for souls. She asks where are the intercessors? We should never stop sighing and crying for the abominations of this world. We must have a heart for the lost. Give us souls Lord unless we die.

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SRC 2-12-17 DB No Shortcuts

February 15, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that there are no shortcuts to God's anointing. You cannot bypass the cross! God won't use unclean things. Two things we need to do to know God - fellowship and obedience





Obedience - you must be obedient to his word.

The anointing will cost you something. If you want the anointing you will have to turn from some things. The things you turn from is worth what you get in return from God. If the devil has a place in your life then God can't use you. Keep your mind stayed on Jesus! Ask God if He loves or hates the things in your life.

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SRC 2-12-17 LB2 I Love A God Story

February 13, 2017

Pastor LBII tells testimonies of God's goodness! You can only help the world if you are separate from the world. A brother's trouble is answered by another brother's heart. Told the story of Elvis' victory in wrestling. We always triumph in Christ! We may be in the middle of our God story!

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SRC 2-8-17 Dr. James Marocco My Redeemer Lives

February 10, 2017

Dr Marocco preaches that Job was prophesied of Jesus.  Job is a prototype of Jesus. Job gets a double blessing. Our redeemer has come and He lives! God has come to save us. Satan is defeated! He has never been the opposite of God. He is not all powerful.  He is under Jesus and our feet. We have a hedge of protection over us.  Sin can cause a gap in our hedge. God's intention is to bless you like he did Job. So we may be a blessing. We must preserve! If we preserve God will perform miracles in our lives.

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SRC 2-5-17 LB2 If You Please

February 8, 2017

Pastor LBII preaches that if we please our Heavenly Father it's greater than anything. We cannot compare ourselves to other Christians. Don't bury your talents. If you use the talent that God gives you He will trust you with more. Jesus can love you but not be not be pleased with you. God is just as pleased with a nursery worker as he is with Darlene Bishop!  If you give to the Kingdom you are credited with those souls that are saved. True preaching can make people leave or make them an army.

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SRC 2-5-17 DB Storms

February 5, 2017

Pastor Darlene preaches that Jesus is the Master of every storm. You don't know who you are until you are in a storm. Praise the Lord for bringing you out of previous storms. We are sheltered in the storm. Stop letting the fear of a storm rule your life! You will make it to the other side. If you want to be with God you want to get away from the multitude. Multitudes are in it for what they can get for themselves. God is with you! Peace be still! When you are going through a storm it will show you your true attitude towards God. Do you trust Him? We may be in a storm because we have deferred on a vow made to God. Pearls are made from irritation. The "Sun/Son" is always there when we come through the storm. The harder the storm the quicker it will be over.

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SRC 2-1-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself Part 4

February 3, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to remember our victories as faith for our current struggles. If we abide in Jesus we should walk as He walked! Jesus will back us up when we have faith in His power. No time will ever be wasted when you're walking in your destiny. Your purpose is about the Kingdom. With Faith we can destroy the works of the devil. Ask God for more power!

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SRC 1-29-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself Part 3

February 1, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to use our past victories as faith for our current challenges. When you talk about Jesus a whole new world opens up to you. We should be concerned about things that add to my life in this life and the life to come. Step out of your tent to see the big picture! God's painkillers are not instant but it is permanent. Satan's painkillers are instant but temporary. God has you here for a reason. God will kill every giant if we only trust in Him. Give your testimony more.

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SRC 1-29-17 LB2 Victory Repeats Itself Part 2

January 30, 2017

Pastor LBII continues his series and encourages us to remember those victories that God gave us, to give us faith for the next victory. We receive according to our faith. The power of God is for you if you are ready to receive it. Our victories are not just for ourselves. We should desire a power-filled life. We have the authority to pray and get results. Praise God before you get the victory. We cannot be lukewarm

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