SRC 6-21-17 LB2 From Sought To Seeker Part 3

June 23, 2017

Are you in a fiery trial? Pastor Lawrence teaches how to allow your trial to take you to a better place in God.

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SRC 6-18-17 Dwight Thompson The Bridge to Forgiveness

June 21, 2017

Is there someone or something that you need to forgive? Dwight Thompson shows us how to release and be free from past hurts.

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SRC 6-14-17 LB2 From Sought To Seeker Part 2

June 16, 2017

Are you walking as a baby Christian? Pastor Lawrence and Richard Sharp tag teams and teaches how to grow up and win souls to the Kingdom of God!

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SRC 6-11-17 LB2 From Sought To Seeker

June 14, 2017

Looking for a way to grow in God? Pastor Lawrence encourages us to desire to be like our Father in order to go higher in Him.

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SRC 6-11-17 DB Conquering Our Fears

June 12, 2017

Are you crippled by fear? Pastor Darlene preaches a liberating word that will lose the bonds of fear!!!

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SRC 6-7-17 DB Power Of Attitude

June 9, 2017

Your feelings giving you a bad attitude? Pastor Darlene teaches how you can change your attitude and release the blessings of God!

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SRC 6-4-17 DB God Is Able

June 7, 2017

Questioning if your prayers matter? Pastor Darlene preaches that God is able to keep you, deliver you and protect you!

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SRC 6-4-17 LB2 Don’t Move I’ve Got You Covered

June 5, 2017

If you think you can't make it. Pastor Lawrence preaches that you can go on because God has you.

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SRC 5-31-17 LB2 A Heart Divided Part 5

June 2, 2017

Never seen the real you? Pastor Lawrence will show you how!

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