SRC 10-14-18 LB2 Go To The Mountain

October 16, 2018

Are you burnt out on this Christian walk? Pastor Lawrence reminds us that we gain power every time we go to the mountain in search of God. 

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SRC 10-10-18 DBD Born For More

October 12, 2018

Questioning what you were born to do? Pastor Darlene teaches that we were born to do great things for God. 

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10-7-18 DBD Wait

October 8, 2018

Are you tired of waiting? Pastor Darlene preaches that waiting, will take us to God’s promises.

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SRC 9-30-18 LB2 Why Is This Befallen Me

October 3, 2018

Do you believe God in the midst of your hell? Pastor Lawrence encourages us that God is faithful to answer every prayer.

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SRC 9-30-18 DBD No Limits

October 1, 2018

Are you waiting for things to change in your life? Pastor Darlene encourages us to take the limits off of God! 

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SRC 9-26-18 JB Ordinary Greatness

September 28, 2018

Do you know that you were chosen for greatness? Pastor Jason preaches that we have a promise that nothing is impossible to them that believe!

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SRC 9-23-18 LB2 Severing Your Past Forever

September 26, 2018

Is your past tugging on your future? Pastor Lawrence teaches that we should see our past as dead and that we can move forward with God. 

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SRC 9-23-18 LB2 In Their Shoes Part 2

September 24, 2018

Are you moved with compassion for the lost? Pastor Lawrence encourages us to put ourselves in the shoes of everyone we encounter. 

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